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The Mirror Crack’d

Hi WordPress bloggers,

I am the writer of today’s prompt “The Mirror Crack’d” and many thanks to The Daily Post for publishing my idea. It was a nice surprise as I don’t blog ‘here’ very often. This blog was created to share some moments of my life journey with a dear friend who is thousands miles away. I use pictures more than words because English is not my native language. Anticipate awkward expressions here and there in my writing!

First off, my original idea was not just about a world without mirrors. I think I underscored somewhere in my prompt that not only don’t you have mirrors, but you also can’t see your reflection anywhere. Yes, imagine you live in a world where you have no idea how you look.

I wish they had made the prompt a bit more specific, so it would not have misled people to naïve responses such as not a problem for me, I could just use my iphone haha, or just a spoon would work.

Some others, however, seem to have trouble accepting the prompt as a hypothetical scenario. You wake up one morning to a world without mirrors? WTF? How could this happen? Who would take all the mirrors away? Why would I have to worry about this? All mirrors disappear? What a stupid idea! Etc. I understand your reaction: you just hate creative writing.

And for the rest of you, who published thorough, deep, and interesting responses- I can’t thank you enough. I learned a great deal from reading your essays, as a writer, and as a person-somebody born into this era of narcissism. Yes it’s hard to not quickly jump to that (over?) generalization: we are all more or less narcissistic.



Just a couple weeks ago I went to the pool where I saw a pretty young girl wearing a pound of make-up on her face half of which went to the mascara on her eyelashes.  We were all asked to shower before we jumped into the pool which we all did. But some are very well trained in showering without wetting their face. So that day we swam in a mixture of chlorine, make-up powder, and mascara.

And that was “just” a college student. No need to show all the celebrities’ cosmetic bills, or count their appointments with plastic surgeons, hair dressers, make-up specialists, stylists, and dermatologists. Photoshoppers are also indispensable, simply because people in the previous list can never make our celebrities happy enough about how they look.

Oh let’s forget about those celebrities so we don’t envy their wallet too much. Now I am actually thinking about a recent movement that goes viral on the internet: the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. ALSA didn’t say in their rules that you have to strip off to bikinis when you dump ice water onto your head. But some donators volunteer to do so. Others think wet T-shirts are sexy enough so they keep them on as they film themselves and share it on social network(s). Evidence can be found here

In case my point didn’t get across: we do whatever, a little or a lot, to make ourselves presentable to the world. It’s human nature to be curious about how we look, and we are lucky to have been able to see  the reflection of ourselves even in prehistoric time. Cavemen didn’t have mirrors, but they had lakes and rivers, the kind of mirrors that we no longer trust or use. We love our real mirrors a lot more and our vanity is now also indulged by camera apps that enhance your beauty within a few clicks. The society has been tired of criticizing self-admirers, and it just seems hypocritical to do so. Now the question is how much do you believe in what you see in the mirror, and how much do you believe in what others tell you? Or are you willing to see yourself through the eyes of others?

Finally, here’s a special mirror for you. I am vain because I put my nickname under the photo :). Have a great day friends!

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“We are vain because we are attracted to people who make us feel important”.

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